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October 5, 2010
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October 4, 2010
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October 3, 2010
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Dear visitor,

The philosophy of our company, BCPP, is founded upon the enduring values of life. We associate our products with the symbol of dew—crystal clear and harmonious as the nature itself. The aim of this web site is to introduce our company to you, reveal our corporate philosophy as well as provide information regarding our programs and range of products.

BCPP, first and foremost, is a dynamically evolving company. Constant sustainable development is one of our major business objectives. By improving ourselves we aspire to make our own contribution to the development of the pharmaceutics worldwide. BCPP is open to innovations and adheres to the most modern production technologies. We are proud that our company has its own scientific-research centre, which develops and produces new medicines.

Working in such a sensitive and socially responsible area as pharmaceutics, we at BCPP strive to perfection and highest standards in all segments of our business. Yet our key benchmark is quality. The company on a regular basis undergoes testing by the specialized international agencies, reaffirming the highest standards of our business, which we are confident would satisfy the demands of the most exacting customers.

I hope you enjoy visiting our web site and find provided information useful.

Lyudmila Bezpalko — Chief Executive Officer

Sincerely yours,
Lyudmila Bezpalko
Chief Executive Officer